Why Don't We Listen Better? Communicating & Connecting in Relationships

Good communication uses the same skills in a professional office, on a date, in a corporate board room, or at a kitchen table.
This book will help you gain these skills and improve your relationships.
Most of us think we listen well, but don’t. Not really hearing what others are trying to say can get costly. When people don’t feel heard they tend to get irritated, confused, and pull away from each other.

You will enjoy the flat-brain theory and the flat-brain tango. They show why we have trouble hearing each other, how we get into wasteful arguments, and how creative listening will help us get along better.

Six Listening Traps and 30 Listening Techniques will give you creative ways to handle both daily interactions and difficult relationships. Using the portable Talker-Listener Card will help you and others hear each other, relax, think clearer, and build empathy and cooperation. This unique approach to listening can change your life.

This book features listening:

for couples wanting to improve poor communication

to upset teenagers or parents

to confused friends or spouses
at the family dinner table
to grief stricken friends
for work groups and salespeople
to disgruntled employees or irritated bosses

for counselors, consultants and negotiators

to yourself when you are bothered or unclear

to enhance business collaboration worldwide

Why Don't We Listen Better?
Includes Autographed Book
and one of each size of the
Talker-Listener cards.

ISBN 978-0-9791559-0-1

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Who would benefit
from this book?

Couples & Families
Mental Health Professionals
Group Leaders
Work Groups
Managers & Employees
Chaplains & Leaders of Faith
Teachers & Professors
Medical Professionals

Review a few samples of the
30 Listening Techniques found in the book.