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Petersen Publications is a husband-and-wife small press specializing in books, downloadable information, readings and workshops. The Petersens feature material that involves readers as partners. The words "informal and practical" apply to everything they do.

I May Never Get to Petra
A Second Collection of Memoir Essays by Sally Petersen

One reviewer calls them “witty, provocative, always appealing.” In this satisfying little book, Sally offers her readers another collection of “miniatures,”  brief observations about life.

Each miniature is a peek into one of my rooms, she says, into what I observed or felt at the time. These are rooms we may share—travel, work, living with nature, family, moving. The miniature won’t tell you everything about my room, but it may set you to thinking. You might have reacted differently, or maybe not. Either way, the dialogue begins…


Tea Pie

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Communicating & Connecting in Relationships


The first and second editions in paper and e-book formats hit the 30K marker as we began 2017. Both books sell well. Thanks you for your interest, support and recommending to your friends.

All the things you treasure still are there: the Flat-Brain Theory, the tango, the card, practical listening tips and humor.

In addition, Jim delved a bit deeper into techniques that can create, nurture and support the deep changes often required for us to journey into healthy relationships and self-discovery. Many readers have said these are the book’s true worth.

In this second edition, listening techniques are spread throughout, making them easier to use and practice as you read. This “Why” also has expanded sections on managing the Flat-Brain, communication traps, decision-making, motivation and moving on.

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Why Don't We Listen Better Second Edition

Tea Pie, Love and Reality
A Collection of Memoir Essays

Sally’s book of short memoir essays has gone into a second printing. You will see yourself in it, our readers tell us. 

These very short essays, called "miniatures," touch on everyday happenings from a Midwestern childhood to a corporate world, stopping along the way for mountain climbing, youngsters, travel, creativity and pushing life to the edges. Poignant and funny, they will set you thinking about your life, too.


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Tea Pie, Love and Reality


Communicating & Connecting in Relationships


Using a light touch and sensible approach, puts Jim Petersen’s forty years of professional experience at your service to improve relationships. His “flat-brain theory,” Talker- Listener Card, and listening techniques show how to turn win-lose communication into come-alive cooperation. These ideas and tools improve talking & listening skills at work, on a date, in a corporate setting, or at a kitchen table. Using them changes lives. 

Why Don't We Listen Better

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